Saturday, June 4, 2011

Don't You Just Love It

Great pic, eh? Hope you don't have a weak stomach. Or have at least had your coffee.

Don't you just love it when you call the doctor's office to say that you have a sinus infection and would like a prescription for an antibiotic to be called in and they say NO, because they have to SEE you?? I was JUST THERE about 3 weeks ago for something else, and I'm also there every 6 months so they can check my blood work because of my meds. And you don't have to be a rocket scientist to tell when you have a sinus infection. But NO, I might be trying to get high on antibiotics, I guess.

So Thursday, I left school early, waited in the doctor's office for 45 minutes, had the NP say, "Yep, sinus infection." and then waited for over half an hour at the pharmacy, just to get the antibiotics I'd asked for in the first place.

One good thing...the NP turned me on to the wonders of saline nasal spray. OMG has THAT made a difference!!! Well, that and the ANTIBIOTICS!!!!!! LOL

Starting to feel a little more perky, although I slept another 11 hours last night. Good thing, because I'm supposed to be working on a t-shirt quilt that's due to the customer in no longer than 12 days, since her son graduates on the 17th!!

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