Saturday, June 11, 2011

See, I TOLD You!

I knew it would end badly with the birds.
Again, if you missed the earlier posts, they are HERE and HERE.

At least, it does not look good at this point. We think that one of the three babies is definitely dead and the other two look pretty bad. It's really of Wednesday, they were perky and chirping. The bird experts had warned that even if the other babies were not shoved out of the nest, the babies may still not survive because the poor momma bird is pushed to the limit with trying to feed ravenous babies that aren't even hers.

That, plus the fact that it has been ridiculously hot (upper 90s) all week. The nest is built high on the porch - a safe location, but it gets almost zero air flow. The heat has been so overpowering that it didn't even seem like there were many bugs around for the momma bird to bring to the babies.

So the latest is...we rigged up a fan that is continuously blowing air toward the porch ceiling, so it can bank into the nest. And I've been up there misting around with a water bottle...not directly into the nest, of course.

We're doing all we can. And momma bird is putting up with us. She was on the nest when we came home from the grocery store just now...


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