Friday, June 3, 2011

ZOEY IS WALKING!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG!!! She took her first steps yesterday. She is 9 months old!!!!!!!!
I do not have pics or a video yet to share, but I did want to share this pic:

Let me just say...if you are the mother of sons, then one of your main concerns needs to be that they marry NICE girls. By this, I mean kind, considerate girls who value family...and not just their OWN family!
Thankfully, our boys did (despite dating some scary girls along the way, LOL).

So anyway, that is Zoey's cousin Avery, congratulating her on walking!! I'm not sure, but I somehow don't think he printed that little sign by himself.

We LOVE our daughters-in-law!! Good choices, boys!!!

Thanks, Rach!! Congrats, Sarah!!

And YAYYYY Zoey!!

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