Friday, June 24, 2011


Sometimes, if we're lucky,
someone great comes into our lives.
Sometimes it happens when you least expect it.
Who knew that all those years ago,
a little kindergarten boy who
appeared on my class roll
would lead to a beautiful friendship?!

Our friends Darlene and Ernie are like the siblings I never had.
They are closer to our sons
than our own family is.

Well, that kindergartner is all grown up now.
And so is his little sister.
They both graduated with honors from
Ohio State University.
And the little boy is getting his Masters, so that
he can have a classroom of his own one day!

Congrats, Alysia and Taylor!!
Love ya, Darlene and Ernie!!!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you so very much!! We are so thankful that Taylor and Alysia had you for their kindergarten teacher. Your love for teaching and children gave both of them all the encouragement they needed to be so successful all the way through college. As for being close to you and your family, we have been so blessed to be part of your family. Your sons and their families are so special to us. We love them so very much.