Saturday, June 26, 2010

10" Dress and Peach-sized Pants!!

First of all, I guess you have to realize that I had BOYS. Two of them. They wore teensy jeans and itty-bitty t-shirts. And I did sew for them...tiny bib overalls, "jams" (I'm showing my age...they were long shorts in case you were not yet born in those days), costumes for things at school and Halloween costumes - LOTS of Halloween costumes.

But there's really nothing to compare with the absolute adorable-ness of a 10" dress!!!!!! I made this for our little granddaughter-to-be and the thought that she will probably swim in it as a newborn is just kind of mind-boggling. This afternoon, I made her a matching diaper cover with a big ol' Z across the nether regions, LOL.

I put a smallish peach in the pic with the pants, just for scale. Wow, and there will be a little human WEARING A DIAPER in there. Just an amazing thought!
I'll be putting those pics in my Etsy store as samples of what will be available. Tomorrow, I'm going to do another diaper cover, but this time, it will have RUFFLES. RUFFLES!!!! I'm so excited!!
Yeah, I loved my boys. But all this girly stuff is FUN!
Oh, and PS, don't forget to enter my bib giveaway if you have not already done so. I'll be closing the giveaway at 3 PM Eastern tomorrow and will announce the winner in tomorrow's post. I wanted to thank everyone who has entered so far...what nice comments I have received. Good luck to all!

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