Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I finished the burp cloths and bibs today...at least the first batch of 6. I actually made each bib to match a burp cloth because...well, because I could, I suppose. Not that I expect the baby to be using the matching items at each feeding, LOL!

Still not stellar photography, but at least the colors are closer to accurate. Have you EVER seen anything as cute as the ladybug alphabet in the photo above? I just LOVE that font! The ribbon on the matching ladybug burp cloth is actually two ribbons - I sewed a thinner red ribbon to a wider black one and sewed them both down together. And the bib on the right has rickrack sewn around the neck. What's more fun on baby stuff than RICKRACK?!

In the pic above, the Z burp cloth also has a double ribbon - a hot pink dotted one is sewn to a wider black one (the black one is a little bit hard to see with the dark background.) I was so excited when I found that hot pink dotted ribbon- Zoey's momma loves pink and black!

Below are some pics of the bibs alone. I'm going to put individual pics of the bibs and the burp cloths into my Etsy store so they will be available to custom-order. Hopefully, I'll get the pics done and put the items in my store tomorrow. And just so the fellas don't feel left out, I'll be adding some more BOYISH-looking designs, too! Already picked up some cute ribbons and some different-colored bibs.

So in honor of my new blog, I'm going to have my first giveaway! Do you have a special baby in your life or do you know someone who's expecting? If you're the winner of my giveaway, you will receive your choice (color and style) of a custom-monorgrammed/embroidered baby bib for your little one. Leave a comment on THIS POST to let me know you would like to enter the bib giveaway. I will number the comments and use a random number generator (probably on Sunday night) to choose a winner. If the drawing is held on Sunday, I will announce the winner on Monday!

OH, and don't forget to check in tomorrow for my first FUN DAY SUNDAY! (Yes, I know tomorrow is not Sunday, LOL. I'm giving busy moms and dads time to gather materials for the weekend.) Here's a hint...this week's activity involves two things kids love...books and FOOD!


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