Friday, June 18, 2010

SCHOOL'S OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, we made it through another school year! My husband asked me what the best thing about the last day of school is. I guess I'd have to say it's the excitement of having the whole summer stretching out before me, with nearly-endless possibilties and all those extra hours to pursue my dreams.

This summer, my dreams include sewing tiny baby dresses and itty-bitty baby shoes...monogramming adorable onesies, rompers, coveralls...just having time to create! (And YES, we DO have TWO grandchildren on the way!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for asking, LOL! Scroll down on the right to see the slightly-creepy floating babies.)

I will be posting pictures of my clothing creations. I'll also be posting fun activities for you and you little one to do together. And I'll be posting LOTS of tips for helping you to raise a reader! After all, I have had 21 years of teaching kindergartners to read.

Just can't wait to get started!!

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