Monday, June 28, 2010


Before I explain the rather ominous title of this post, check out the giveaway bib I just mailed to Nancy, the winner of my giveaway! I downloaded this ultra-cute firetruck design especially for her little great-nephew, Joseph. I know firetrucks were a favorite for our boys and I hope Joseph feels the same way!

Now, to explain the title of this you remember this lady? She was the Water Boy's mama, Mama Boucher. If you saw the movie, you probably remember anything that made Mama Boucher mad was "THE DEVIL!". Well, pretty much everything was THE DEVIL to her!
So what does Mama Water Boy have to do with anything? See those little ruffled baby pants in the picture below? They may look innocent enough, but I can tell you FOR SURE that they are THE DEVIL!! LOL Can you imagine that those little drawers took me about 4 hours to sew????? WOW. That stretch of time involved a lot of sewing, a whole lot of ripping out what I'd sewn (including taking off the third ruffle that I had double-sewed for strength) and a sprinkling of colorful language.
So here is the latest baby dress, complete with its matching ruffled bottoms. Which baby dress do you prefer, the one with the monogram on the bottom band (like the froggie one I made) or this one with the monogram on the chest? I made two drawstrings for the straps on this one, instead of using the two satin ribbons.
I'll have to take a pic of the baby dress on its own, so it can go into my Etsy store as an example of another dress I'll be selling. The little dress was fun to make and did not involve any ripping out of stitches or cursing. I'm not putting the ruffled pants in my Etsy store because you'd better believe I will NOT be making more of them! I'm telling you, they are THE DEVIL! LOL
Hoping to have these items (including the firetruck/monogrammed bib) in the Etsy store by tomorrow at least. Leave me a comment to let me know which baby dress you prefer!

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