Monday, June 21, 2010

Burp Cloths and Bibs!

This will just be a quickie post, because I'm in a sewing/embroidery frenzy! However, I promised pics, so pics there shall be. Let me say right from the start that my sewing skills are WAY better than my photography skills. Things always look better than they do in my pics.

The picture above is a good example of how bad my photography is, but maybe you can look past that and see how cute the bibs and burp cloths turned out! The bib on the left is actually a lime green with royal blue embroidery...the bib toward the right is hot pink with black embroidery (the dotted ribbon on the cloth below it matches it) and the burp cloth on the right has red embroidery and a matching red ribbon. Maybe closeups will help out:

hot pink burp cloth above, lime green bib below

I will try to get some pics outside tomorrow. Hopefully, the natural light will show the colors better???

Let me just leave you with a little visitor in our front yard. There were two of them out there and I thought they MUST be siblings...look at the little white streak on his/her head. The other one looked exactly the same. I hope you can tell how TINY this little guy is!

Check back tomorrow for more pics!

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