Thursday, August 5, 2010

It Really IS!

The Bomb, that is! If I do say so myself, the wet bag backpack turned out GREAT!
I'm just so pleased with it!! Here's the front without the drawstring drawn:
That loop to the top left is the handle - it velcros to itself so that it can be opened to attach to a stroller handle. It would also be a good place for mom to store a rattle or her baby's "keychain".

Here's a little peek at the lining. I sewed a band of the floral fabric to the top of the lining so that the bright lime lining won't show when it's gathered by pulling the drawstring. You can also see the "keyper" for mom's keys:

The big outer pocket is "3D" (it has darts sewn into the bottom) so that it will hold a lot. It closes with velcro at the top and is trimmed with a big button. I couldn't get a decent picture of the inner divided pocket that's INSIDE that outer pocket. The inner pocket is also 3D and is sized for a cell phone on one side and a wallet on the other. Both interior pockets close with velcro so Mom won't lose her cell phone or credit cards if the backpack is upended.

Here's the back with the D rings at the bottom. The straps are extra long so that they can crisscross in the back or it can be worn over a coat or can even be worn by Dad (well...maybe Dad would prefer a NON floral fabric, LOL.)
Hope you like it as much as I do, LOL! Thanks for stopping by!!

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