Saturday, August 14, 2010

What I Have to Show for Myself

Is not all that much. I did manage to make Zoey this cute soft book:

Really, what could be better than Beatrix Potter's illustrations? Look at the dad bunny in the pic below, with his pipe in his mouth and his superior expression!

Oh, and guess what!? Zoey's quilt is DONE...labeled, washed and dried so it's nice and soft and crinkly. I'll take pics of it outside tomorrow and hopefully, you'll be able to see the texture and colors.

However, I couldn't resist showing you a pic of the label:

Which leads me to my current dilemma...what to call myself!?! Am I Nana? Grandma? I'm definitely NOT Granny, LOL. I guess ultimately, Zoey will probably make that decision for me.

I'll never forget what our older son called my mom...Boyda. Apparently, he THOUGHT he was saying Grandma. My mom would enunciate slowly, "Say Graaaannd - maawww." He would answer obediently, "Boyyyyyyy-duhhh!"

Hmmm, "Granny" is sounding better all the time!

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