Tuesday, August 24, 2010

You Were Warned

I told you that you would not have to ASK about my grandchildren. Here are just a few of the gazillion many photos I took. I have not taken the time to Picnik or otherwise edit these pics, but here you go anyway. These two are from her first photo shoot. I hear that her agent is already demanding a rate increase for her, LOL!:
Do you love the hand under the chin on this one?
This one is for scale, so you can see how tiny she really is:
She already recognizes mommy:
She has wild hair, like her daddy did at her age:
If you can't trust Pop Pop, who can you trust!? She actually really loved being held by him and rarely fussed when he held her. She didn't appreciate the bunny ears, though.
And just because I'm a big proponent of keeping it real:
In case you're not sure what she's saying, it's, "UhWAHH! UhWAHHH!!" I love that baby.

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