Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shhh, Don't Tell Cassie!!

Don't tell Cassie, but I think I like the giveaway handbag better than the zebra one I made her. I think I'm just not a zebra-and-pink girl. No matter...Cassie likes the handbag well enough for both of us!

Anyway, here's the front of the giveaway bag. Karen wanted a monogram, which is definitely more subtle than the appliqued C on Cassie's bag. But I kind of like the monogram. It lets the ribbon/button trim really stand out:

The lime greens really do all match...not like they look in the pics. The back looks the same as the front except for the monogram. Here's the inside:
I like the bamboo handles. Here's a closeup of the ribbon-and-button trim:

That's it for today. It is 100 degrees here - I ran some errands and now I'm exhausted, LOL! Well, with no Zoey sightings yet I guess at least my husband and I don't have to jump around in the heat like this:
No wait...I don't really think either of us look like THAT. Maybe 35 years ago ONE of us did...

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