Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Status Quo

The monogrammed handbag for our giveaway winner, Karen, is complete!! Well, it's complete except for a little bit of embellishment that I want to add. I should have it done tomorrow and hopefully be able to show you some pics! It turned out CUTE, if I do say so myself!!

Other than that...have you scrolled down to see the baby tickers lately??

Let me just tell you, my nerves are shot. My poor son...I tend to answer his phone calls by hollering into the phone, "IS EVERYTHING ALRIGHT?!?!!!". Heck, even my husband commented today that he just can't concentrate because all he keeps thinking of is Zoey!

So, no change in the grandkids-status-quo. I'll keep you posted, but if you feel the ground shake, it's probably me and my husband celebrating Zoey's birth! Kinda like these guys (but older and probably without the coats):
Thanks for stopping by!

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