Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Best-Dressed List, Part Two

Remember when I had a revelation that I'm NOT on the best-dressed list? If not, go read this post and then come back...I'll wait.

Just so you can picture my attire, the dress I was wearing at school that day is red, sleeveless, knee-length and I was also wearing red sandals. I had actually curled my hair, instead of pulling it back into a straggly ponytail. I'd already been complimented (repeatedly) by my students, so when the mom of a brand-new new student came to my class, I was sure I was looking my best. The mom walked her daughter into the classroom and approached me as I was helping the little girl unpack. Mom introduced herself and asked a few questions. The little girl seemed sweet enough and the mom seemed friendly.

I began to notice, though, that the mother seemed to be looking at me a little oddly. Several times, I caught her gaze drifting upwards to the top of my head before she snapped her eyes back to my face. Thinking my hair must be sticking up or something, I finally reached up to smooth it when my hand encountered this:
only I believe my tiara might be a little bit more grand.

I'm pausing while you take that in...paint yourself a good mental image of me prancing around the classroom in a red dress and a glitzy plastic tiara.

Why the tiara, you may wonder. I wear it when I'm in a reading group. My students know that when I have my "princess crown" on, that means, "I mean business!" They know that they are NOT to disturb the reading group...After all, how is little Jimmy going to learn to read if kids keep coming up during his reading time, complaining that the magnetic letters don't have any of the letter 'd'?! (Uh, turn one of the letter 'p's over!)

Of course, I immediately started to babble to the mom, "Oh my GOSH, I'm still wearing my PRINCESS CROWN!!!!!!! Don't think that I think I'm a princess or anything, I just wear this when I teach reading!!!!!" The mom backed away a step, edging toward the door. I followed her and continued, "Like when I sit with a small reading group, if I'm wearing my crown, they know not to come disturb me." Raising her hand in my direction, the mom muttered, "You're alright.", quickly kissed her daughter goodbye and fled.

I haven't seen her since. Do I know how to make an impression, or what!?

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