Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Life

I guess I need to get one because I think I must not have one. Otherwise, would I be SO EXCITED about storage?? I'm referring to the storage cabinet that's now in my 'studio'. It's actually a repurposed TV armoire and, as such, it needed some modifications in order to meet my embroidery storage needs. We added a shelf and closed the opening in the back of the cabinet (the cutout for the TV.)

Yes, it took all day (and then some, because I'm not done with it.) No, I don't have pics, because actually, it's not that exciting to look at. Maybe once the paint is cured and my fabric is all neatly stacked in it...but in the meantime, I found these interesting visuals to give you a feel for my excitement.

BEFORE organizing, my embroidery stuff looked kind of like this:
except without the clothes and shoes.

Or maybe like this bottom shelf:
except without the food.

Now it looks a lot like this:
except with no books, couch or strange naked baby doll.

Leave a comment if you think I may have inhaled too many paint fumes. Thanks for stopping by and come back tomorrow when hopefully my head will have cleared!

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