Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cute K Comment of the Year (So Far)

Okay, so picture this: it's the first day of kindergarten. The assistants collect the brand-new kindergartners from the buses and bring them into the gym so we can meet up as a group to make the looooong walk to the kindergarten pod. (It's really not that far, but when you're four years old, your legs are pretty short.) We kindergarten teachers are smiling our welcoming-est smiles for our new students and our reassuring-est smiles for the nervous parents who are dropping their kids off.

It's aren't sure they remember which teacher they met at Open House...parents are handing us bags jammed full of heavy school supplies (hand sanitizer, liquid soap, copy paper, Clorox wipes for the tables...) In another teacher's line, someone is crying...thankfully, it sounds like a kindergartner and not a nervous parent, LOL. Some of the early arrivals have been sitting for pretty long - it probably seems to them like they've been sitting there forever.

In the midst of all this, I walk back to the head of my line. The kindergarten teacher next to me is also standing at the head of her line. My first little boy is waving his hand in the air kind of frantically, looking like he desperately needs to tell us something. So I lean down, glance at his name tag and say, "Yes, Jimmy?" (Not his real name.)

He looks up plaintively, kind of sighing, and says, "Can you guys teach me how to READ?"

That boy made my morning! I'm sure the child thought he'd been sitting there plenty long enough and wondered what the holdup was on the reading! I was laughing so hard that it took a while to answer, "I'll get right on it, honey!"

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