Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Best-Dressed List

Here's a shocker...I'm not on it! Well, anyone who knows me probably is not shocked. I don't give a hoot about fashion, so when I'm at school, I'll be dressed...
well, maybe not quite like this:

but definitely more like this:

than like this!
After all, I teach kindergarten. I'm on the floor with the students a lot, and when I'm not, I'm sitting in kiddie-sized chairs or leading a rousing chorus of Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. I've got to wear clothing I can move around in. For me, that translates to comfy pants and a roomy shirt.

So here's my cute kindergarten story for today. My morning meeting ran a little late, so one of the other K teachers got my students started on their journal writing. She told them to write me a note about something they liked about me or something fun they have done with me already this year.

When I got to the room and found out what they were asked to write about, I made some suggestions aloud. I said, "Let's see...maybe you like how I take you to computer lab each week. Or maybe you like how I'm teaching you to use the SmartBoard. Or how I'm teaching you sign language. Or the songs we sing together. Or the books I read to you. Or journal writing." Etc, etc...you get the picture.

Then I started to make my rounds, checking on what they were writing. The first little boy said he'd written, "I like your dress." Hmmm, I WAS wearing a dress for the first time this year. I went to another child at the next table and he also had written that he liked my dress. So did the little girl next to him. And so it went on and on until I finally threw up my hands, got everyone's attention and said that althought I loved how complimentary they were, "let's write about something we do at SCHOOL, not about my DRESS." Things went a little better after that and we moved on with our day.

Until I was putting them on the buses this afternoon. One bright-eyed little girl started to board her bus, then stopped on the first step to tell me goodbye. She wished me a good night and said she'd see me tomorrow. She turned as if to continue up the bus steps, but then stopped and with a happy little wave, she added, "And I SURE HOPE YOU WEAR A DRESS AGAIN TOMORROW!"

Geez. Think maybe I need to go dress shopping?! LOL

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