Monday, September 6, 2010

Pre-Game Jitters

I have them. Not that I'm playing in any sort of game or anything. It's just that tomorrow is the first day of school and I'm really nervous about a lot of things. I have a new assistant and I'm hoping things flow smoothly. I'm also hoping my class "jells" and everyone is able to work well together. That never happened last year.

So I guess I'm hoping for students that behave more like this

than like this
I have little paper 'buttons' that say 'I Survived My First Day of Kindergarten'. Hope I get to wear one!

Tomorrow will be exciting for another reason! It's the day our older son and his wife find out if their baby will be a boy or a girl!! (We're all thinking it's a boy, but really there is no reason for that.)

So wish me luck tomorrow! Oh, and one more thing I wanted to add: your comments make my day. So leave me one if you get a minute.

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