Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Sorry I missed posting yesterday. Last night, I was working on a Taggie Lovie for the little granddaughter of one of our school's secretaries. I'm using a more Pink Princess color palette for this one, per the Nana's request, and I hope to have at least a W.I.P. (work in progress) picture for you later today.

In the meantime, look who's here!
I was celebrating imperfection with my first attempt at Zoey's Taggie Lovie. In the interest of keeping it real, I have a pic for you. Have you ever seen the Fail Blog? This is my version:
Yeah, that was one of those ideas that sounded good on paper.

Now, if I should miss MORE than one day of posting, then probably something like our friend Earl might be involved:

And if I should miss SEVERAL days of posting...well, send a rescue squad, will ya?!
Thanks for stopping by!

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