Saturday, September 4, 2010

Monogrammed Backpack and Tag

Today was not too productive, since I spent most of the day running all over the place. I did manage to embroider a C on a backpack and I created a little monogrammed tag for a lunch box. And that's it.
Here they are. They're for the daughter of a friend:

I seem to have some sort of lethargy going. I think it's related to going back to school - it's just draining and leaves me feeling unfocused. I must not be the only one...check out Karen at Merry Little Quilter. She's also a teacher and is echoing my sentiments when she asks, "Is it summer yet?!" LOL

Check back tomorrow, when I will hopefully have more to share. I don't know, husband and I are going to swap storage pieces from one room to another so that I have more storage in the "studio". The one that's moving into the studio will have to be modified a little. Hope that doesn't take all day!

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