Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stop the Presses! I Made Hair Bows!!!

That might not be earth-shattering news to anyone but me.
See, I was the mom of two boys who were usually dressed like this
but without the glasses.
So little frilly hair bows are as foreign to me as they would be to that muddy baseball kid.

Here's a peek at the hair bows:

Not awful for a first attempt, right? I hope Little C likes them! I owe her!!
A while back, I made her sister this.
And then I also hand-sewed this for her.
I don't see Little C very often and somewhere along the way, she grew from a tiny infant to a little girl who wondered where HER purse and hair clip were! Maybe she'll accept two monogrammed button bows instead.

I also monogrammed this lunch bag for myself. It occurred to me just now that with all the embroidering I've done since I got my machine, this is the first thing I've embroidered for ME!

I LOVE that font! You'll be seeing more of it in a few days...something for Zoey that's not finished yet.

I hope you enjoyed the pics and thanks for stopping by!

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