Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Ribbon Rack!!

I am SO excited and happy with how it turned out!! I'm a big fan of the antique-y, sort of primitive look when it comes to things like this. My husband and I used materials he already had (except for the oak dowels) and luckily, he had a piece of luaun-type beadboard for the backer. I wanted 4 dowels so that my ribbon collection would have plenty of room to grow.

First of all, this is my current storage method. I have stick pens pushed down through the spools, but you can see it's still pretty unmanageable. I keep jabbing and scratching myself with pins that are securing neighboring ribbon ends as I reach in there to get what I want.

AND, you can see that the collection has outgrown its container. The whole thing is just beyond aggravating.

Without further ado...TA-DA!!!!!!!!!
I was SO excited to get a pic posted so that I can go and obsessively organize my ribbons over and over again, first by color...no wait, by style...ooooh, how about by width AND color AND that I actually just slapped 2 spools up there to give you the idea.
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Thanks for stopping by! Off to organize my ribbons!!!!!!

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