Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bright New Beginnings

Don't you just love the hopefulness (and sometimes orderliness) of new beginnings? I have several brand-new things going on today!

First, do you LOVE the brand-new look of my blog?? If you are reading in Google Reader, you'll have to actually go to the blog itself to see any changes. I was very jealous of inspired by my friend Cassie's clean, streamlined look on her blog. Since I can't seem to have an original thought was just muddling along when I first set up this blog, I thought an update was in order. I think it looks cleaner...less cluttered and stressful. What do you think??

And then, what could be more hopeful and cheery than the beginnings of a brand-new baby quilt?! I cut the pieces for Zoey's quilt and you can go HERE to see the awesome pattern! (Thanks so much to the talented Elizabeth Hartman for publishing this simple, MODERN baby quilt pattern!)

So here's a pic of the quilt-to-be. We won't talk about the fact that I made a mistake when cutting and wound up having to cut WAY MANY extra pieces. I had not realized that yet when I snapped the picture, but it's obvious from Foster's disdainful expression that he HAD. Never mind, it's fine now.

And finally, I'm posting really early today because I MAY run up to school to start setting up my classroom. Ms. Zoey is due to make her appearance the week BEFORE I'm supposed to report to school. However, if she decides to make her appearance later than she's supposed to, I might wind up missing the set-up days. I'm trying to plan ahead for the beginning of a brand-new school year.

Thanks again for stopping by! If you have a second, please drop me a quick comment about the blog's new look!

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