Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Don't You Just Love It...

Don't you just love it when things work out perfectly? I think I mentioned yesterday that the fabrics I'd bought would work perfectly in Zoey's room. Zoey's momma is doing the nursery in kind of a lime/apple and lavender color scheme.
I walked into a store today looking for tissue paper and LOOK what I found!!!
Seriously, could that little tuffet be much more perfect than it is?! (I inserted that link especially for Zoey's daddy, who thought the word "tuffet" was just made up for the nursery rhyme, LOL)

So then I went to the quilt store AGAIN to buy more fabric for the spoiled little princess's Zoey's quilt. This picture is kind of a funny color, but maybe you can see the cute green/white check, almost like a gingham. The lilac with the soft, tiny dots (in the center) is going to be the background for this quilt.
And then, be still my HEART!! Just check out this green/yellow/robin's egg blue/brown leaf print, below!! This picture does not do it justice - it's just gorgeous in person. Now Zoey's momma DID say she liked SOFT yellow, but I think when I cut that print up into smaller pieces, it will add just the zing the little quilt will need. That's the theory, anyway.
And finally, after I ran all over the place in the ridiculous heat, I did manage to come home and make a couple of cute freestanding bees. They are about the size of a quarter...should have had a quarter in the picture so that you could tell. They look fuzzy because they have not been trimmed up yet. They will be finding a home on an embellished onesie real soon.

So that's it. Not too much to show for myself, but I plan to have a big day tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed that it all works out perfectly for me, LOL!

Thanks for popping in and don't forget to come back tomorrow for Fun Day Sunday. This week, the subject of the book is one that's close to my heart...

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