Saturday, July 31, 2010

Quilt Show, Day Three - College Quilts

Hi and welcome back! I hope you're enjoying your quilt show! Today I have two graduation quilts that I made for the son and daughter of dear friends. This family lives in Ohio and they are ardent Cleveland Browns fans which makes for an interesting rivalry during football season, given the fact that my guys are all all rabid Steelers fans.

When their son Taylor was going off to OSU, I made him this Browns quilt and let me just tell you, working with that neon orange about killed me. Plus, I had severe basting issues and the final product looks wrinkly and baggy. I'm just going to say that I was Celebrating Imperfection!:

Here's the back. I kind of like it better than the front, LOL.

When it was their daughter Alysia's turn to go off to OSU, I made her something a little more feminine. I drew the flower design myself, but our cat, Kong, was also instrumental in the creation of this quilt. (Don't worry, that family loves cats, too.)

Here are a couple of pictures of it on my longarm machine.

And here it is on Alysia's bed at college. All that work on the flowers, and she liked the back! LOL, hey, as long as she's using it, who cares which side is up, right?
I'll be back tomorrow with some more quilt pics. Thanks for stopping by!

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