Monday, July 19, 2010

Finally, a Finish!

Finally, I have something to show you today! This morning, I went to the quilt store to get a freebie that they were offering - this little zippered thing that unfolds into a tote. Very cute! I got the freebie, alright. I also got this:
Those colors are off. That dark blue is really purple. And I got this:
Oh yeah, and this:

Hmmm, now I'm understanding why the quilt store thought giving out freebies was a good idea, LOL! Well, in my own defense, I DID promise to make Zoey a baby quilt. And the colors were perfect for her room. And they were on SALE. (Well, most of them were, anyway.)

I did actually finish something today, which is pretty exciting, considering I was running around spending money errands all morning. I finally finished the wool felt purse for little "L".

I hope she likes it! I'm making a matching hair clip for her, too. Hopefully, I will manage to finish it a little faster than I did the purse! I'll be putting pics of them both into my Etsy store.
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