Friday, July 23, 2010

Warts and All

Before I explain the title of this post and the somewhat bizarre-looking bird above, let me just show you yesterday's total progress on Zoey's quilt.
Not very impressive. Even if you don't quilt, you can probably tell that I didn't get a lot done, given the fact that I worked on it ALL DAY LONG. Why? Because I spent a LOT of time reverse-sewing, otherwise known as ripping out.

First, Foster alerted me to a piecing error. The plaid is sewn wrong-side-up.
Then there were more piecing errors...blocks that were rotated like those in the picture below. This particular type of error happened a total of three times - I guess because I was too obsessed with focused on color placement. In fact, once I got the errors corrected, I still wound up totally ripping apart and rearranging two rows of blocks before I finally made myself STOP.
Now, about the bird...I had a lot of thinking time as I was ripping out, and it occurred to me that bloggers don't seem to post pictures of the 'warts' in their lives. They seem to be spending their afternoons watching their beautiful children (who are wearing handmade clothes) picking wildflowers in a field.

MY life never has been like that! I was more likely to be spending my afternoon in the E.R. because one of our boys scratched the other one's cornea while they were wrestling over a plastic Halloween mask. Or I might be running all over town to find a replacement globe for the ceiling fan after one of the boys broke it while swinging a boat oar at the other one's head.

So in the interest of honesty, I'm pledging to tell you about the mess-ups and mistakes in my projects. If my disasters are pictures-worthy, I'll even stop to snap a pic of it, warts and all. Not every single wart, mind probably don't have that much time. But just enough to let you know that my life is not about lounging in a field.

I got so excited about the whole Imperfection thing that I created a button for my sidebar. Why Celebrate Imperfection? Because it's reality. Mistakes are going to happen and fixing those mistakes helps us grow.

Thanks for popping in! If you're a blogger and you're into reality, feel free to grab a button! As for me, I'm off to work on Zoey's quilt...and hopefully I won't find toooo many more warts!

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  1. I LURVE this post. I have a lot of warts too. I almost look like the funky tree man. But I'll save you the drama of it all! ;P
    How many boys do you have? I have four in total in our lovely blended family.

    if my boys were picking wild flowers and wearing handmade clothes I'd want to know where the pixies are! :)

    Thanks for sharing this post with me. I'm over to LIKE LIKE LIKE your Soggy Bottoms Baby Duds. :) Thanks again!