Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Well Enough, Part Two

If you saw this post on July 1, you already know that I have a tendency to be a perfectionist and that this quality sometimes causes me to inadvertently ruin something that was actually acceptable to begin with.
So here is today's project for our little granddaughter-to-be, Zoey, who is due next month. It's a monogrammed crayon roll! It has a pocket on the inside with 16 little divisions to hold a total of 16 crayons with style.

Here's the outside:

And here's the inside:

The picture below shows it all rolled up.Well, to keep it rolled, I would need to tie the ribbon, but I wanted to show off the cute Z without the ribbon over it.

What's that you say? Zoey will not be using crayons for a little while yet?! Well YES, I know that, but a grandma just can't leave these things till the last minute.

The only problem with the crayon roll is...THE POCKETS ARE TOO SNUG!! ARGGHHHH. I found two crayon roll tutorials...one called for pockets 3/4" wide and the other called for pockets 1" wide. The second tutorial mentioned that the crayons tend to slide out, so I went with the snugger (is that a word?) size. they do actually fit, but they're snug enough that it would be difficult for a toddler to get them in and out. And I noticed that the fabric behind each pocket (the yellow fabric in this case) was already getting marked up by the crayons!

That's okay, Zoey, don't fret! Grandma's discovered a cool product that's going to make your NEW crayon roll AWESOME! The same tutorial with the 1" pockets had an updated version of the crayon roll, and it uses this:

How cool is that?! You laminate the fabric by ironing the vinyl onto the front of it and wa-la, the crayons won't mark it up! Now I'm actually glad that the pockets are too small, because it gives me an excuse to try out this nifty new find!

Here's the original post on the outstanding Skip to My Lou Blog, in case you'd like to make one yourself: http://www.skiptomylou.org/2008/09/09/keep-on-rollin/ (While you're there, check out some of her other great projects! Good thing my boys didn't have one of THESE to chase each other through the house with when they were little! I can just hear the screaming now!!)

OH, and the post also mentions that the crayons tend to slide out of the crayon roll even easier because of the slickness of the vinyl. Maybe I can tweak the design and make the pockets just a liiiittle bit narrower. Or should I still make them 1" wide and just LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE?!?

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