Thursday, July 1, 2010

Well Enough

You know what they say about that, right? About "Well Enough"?? They say, "Leave well enough alone." Sometimes I have problems with that, being anal the perfectionist I am. I just never seem to learn.

The day started off well enough...the obligatory errands and daily trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics. When I got home, I actually managed to get some things accomplished. First, this 4th of July bib...of course, Zoey is not due until August, so she won't be wearing it THIS year. Cute design, though, I thought.

Then I moved on to this little apron and OH MY GOODNESS, I was SO THRILLED with how it turned out!! (Now granted, it's big enough for a 5 year old, but you know, a Grandma has to think ahead. Plus, I was trying to haul myself out of "hot pink mode", so I this was just the ticket!) Just the cutest thing - ladybugs on parade!

So maybe you are thinking, "I wonder why she's not showing us the whole apron??"

Yeah. That would be why. That thing that looks like a shark's mouth?? Well, that's a GIANT BURN HOLE from the iron. The apron had the teensiest wrinkle across the middle where it had been folded and I wanted to fix that. I fixed it, all right.

But that's okay. Turns out, the fabric EXACTLY matches the LAST major screw up mistake I made. See that backpack below? The one with the name embroidered on it upside down? (Don't even ASK!) I'm going to cut off the chunk of the apron with the embroidered ladybug parade/Z and sew it over top of that upside-down name. That will fix both of those issues.

See those little wrinkles in the backpack? I'm going to LEAVE THEM ALONE!

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