Thursday, July 8, 2010

Goin' on a Picnik!

And no, that's not a typo! Sometimes I feel like I must be living, unbeknownst to me, under a rock.. Granted I know that something called Photoshop exists and I know that people can do some pretty amazing things using that program. (Our younger son would be one example - he turns out movie posters that look like they've been put out by the movie industry.)

However, I've never really done any photo editing, despite the fact that my computer actually has two software programs to do that sort of thing. So it was a total shock to me when I discovered just what's possible to do to a photo using a FREE service by Picnik.

I had been lamenting the fact that I obviously don't have the right lenses and filters for my camera, if those things even exist for the type of camera I have. It was obvious that I needed to do SOMETHING, because the color is drastically off in pretty much every picture I take.

If you've been reading this blog, that's probably not news to you. You may, in fact, remember this picture:

That's the ill-fated apron that I managed to burn with an iron to the point where it looks like a shark got to it. The aggravating part about the picture is that the colors are NOT EVEN CLOSE to accurate. Enter the magic of Picnik! I fixed the colors, cropped and rotated it and even sharpened the photo. (How it is possible that you can take a blurry photo and sharpen it?? Now THAT is magic!)
So here's the same photo after I edited it:

MAGIC, I tell you! Here are some more before-and-after pics:
And the same photo after-you can even see the sparkles in the paint...

And the same picture after. Look at the can actually see the netting!

And now, for the big finale...look at the penny and the incredibly cute butterfly before:

And after!! Look how much better the butterfly and the penny look!!!

Well, I've shown you the few things I've been able to pick up so far, but if you want to learn from someone who really knows what she's doing, click here:

Scroll down to the search bar on the right side of this talented lady's blog and type in the word Picnik and you will find 4 separate posts with LOADS of photography tips! Thanks, Momma. I'm off to Picnik some more!

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