Saturday, July 24, 2010

Zoey's Quilt Top!

Well, I'm finally done with a project I've been working on all afternoon and I do have to say that it turned out pretty fabulous. YES, there were some bumpy parts...sort of a wart. Unfortunately, since this project is a surprise, I can't show you it yet. Soon, my darlings, soon...

I do have something to show you, though! I finished Zoey's quilt top and snapped a quick couple of pics this afternoon. I was eager to get back to work on the mystery project and I was REALLY eager to get out of the 105 DEGREE HEAT, so these might be the worst quilt pics I've ever taken. Anyway, it will be enough to give you the general idea, although it really is cuter in person.
Told you they were bad pictures. That bottom border really doesn't take a sharp left like it looks.
So that's it for today - I'm ready to nod off as I type!
I hope I'll have something fun to show you tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!

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