Saturday, July 10, 2010

Grandma's Ulterior Motive

If you're like me, you save stuff that seems 'too useful' to throw away. And then that useful stuff sits around in a drawer, or in the bowl where you keep your keys and every time you go to get your keys, you have to dig through all of it because you really can't think of a use for that stuff after all. Or maybe that's just me.

We go to Target for our prescriptions and they put this nifty rubber ring around the neck of the prescription bottle. If you're not familiar with those rings, click HERE. Since I take three different medications daily, I've built up a pretty large quantity of rings.

I already use them for some things at school (more about that at some point, I'm sure). I've supplied my grade level with them, too. Still, the rings continue to build up. Yesterday, it hit me like a flash that the rings could sort of function as little tiny frames. Like for pictures. Or words. Or names of family members and pets. The idea grew...

I spray painted the rings black:

I printed and cut out some names, words and black and white photos:
I spray painted some dowels, lashed them into a tree shape and stuck them into a little cardboard bucket I got for $1 at the Target Dollar Spot (love that place!). I even used hot glue (which I HATE) and went around the pictures and words with baby rickrack:

I glued the painted rubber rings to the front of some of the words and the pictures and hung them (using invisible thread) from the dowel "tree". I also shredded up some black paper to put around the bottom of the tree:
I'm really happy with how it turned out.
The little danglies twist and bob in a very cheery manner.
I hope little Zoey enjoys watching the danglies dance around as mommy and daddy read the names to her. And who knows...maybe the one on the bottom left will help her learn to say the name GRANDMA!

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