Monday, July 12, 2010

A Little Love

How about if I lure you in today with a bunch of photos? I'll start with some before-and-after pictures of today's Trash to Treasure project. But first, a little background: I am the original junk picker. As in, I pick up other people's junk that's been kicked to the curb and I bring it home to live in our garage until I figure out what I'm going to do with it. To me, it's kind of like rescuing a stray, except that our strays don't live in the garage. My husband is not a fan of my trash-picking habit.

As I was driving school one day in May, I spied a pitiful, filthy, rickety table upside down at the curb. I was struggling to wrestle it into the bed of my truck by myself when a nice man who walking his fluffy white dog appeared and gave me a hand with it.

Back at home that evening, a leg fell off of the table as we were unloading it. My husband arched an eyebrow and asked what I planned to do with my latest find. I had to admit I had NO IDEA. Into the garage it went.

But today I had an inspiration. I've been needing a little more table space in the dining room my studio. My junk-picked table would be just PERFECT. All it needed was a little love.

The remaining legs were banged up and practically falling off:

The top was gouged:

It was just really pretty nasty:

And now it's NOT!

I reattached the leg and tightened all the bolts, which were all just really loose. That fixed the rickety-ness. I scrubbed the table down, let it dry, sanded it and then waxed it. I had planned to paint the legs, but I wound up liking the distressed look of the white paint after I started sanding, so I just sanded and waxed the legs instead. See, I gave that table a little love and now it's living a very useful second life in my sewing area!

And speaking of a little love, here's Little "A" looking cute modeling my baby dresses:

Little "A" was a blur of motion. I have a new found respect for people who photograph babies for a living :

Seriously cute. Check out the hair thingies!

And finally, here's Little "A" modeling the dress I made for her:
A Little Love, don't you agree?

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